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My Timeout Book Blog

Feb 19, 2017

Review ~ Lost in Between by K.L. Kreig

Carrie's Review

This is the second book I’ve read by KL. Black Swan was my first which I absolutely loved and couldn’t put it down. So when I saw this book was coming out I couldn't wait to get my hands on this to see where KL would take us in this book.

I loved this book you have Shaw who is the definition of a playboy and can have any woman he wants where he wants. Than there is Willow who is broken, smart mouthed and runs from any man that try's to get close to her till she meets Shaw!

Shaw is all about his family and would do anything to help them, so when Shaw is asked to settle down he dreads having to do so until his best friend gets him to meet Willow.

They both have an intense attraction to each other but what was supposed to be a fling quickly turns until something more.

Shaw bound to stay single and Willow bound to never let anyone close. As they spend more time together Shaw realizes that he has real feelings for her and doesn't want to let her go. Willow feels the same way about Shaw but every time he try's to get close to her she shuts him out.

Can Shaw show Willow that he's in love with her when he doesn't even believe in it himself but the more time he spends with her he starts to think maybe he finally has meet the one?

Will Willow let her walls down that she has spent most if her life building up so that she won't be hurt?

The chemistry between these two is unreal. I loved how Willow has a smart mouth and the more you read into this book you soon know why she has those walls up and how Shaw is the perfect one to tear them down and let love in.

I loved this book and can't wait to get my hands on the next one!

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