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Feb 25, 2017

Review~ Worth Any Cost by Brenna Aubrey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed for My Timeout Book Blog By Melissa

Well this is the novel I have been waiting for since book 3. Worth Any Cost is actually book 6 is The Gamer series, in order to enjoy/love this novel you really have to have at least read the first three.
I LOVED this novel. It was everything I hoped for when I stepped back into the world of Adam and Mia.
These two have been though the ringer. After the emotional rollercoaster that they went though in the first books it was wonderful to finally have them headed to the alter. But of course it true Adam and Mia fashion there were some speed bumps along the way. (And no I won't say what, go read the book).
I fell head over heels in love with Adam in At Any Price. I mean how could you not fall for this control freak, gamer, CEO. And in this novel you get to see all of that in him and more. His love for Mia is indescribable. He will do anything, stand up to any one and fight for her at every turn.
Mia is the kind of character that you want to be best friends with. She is smart , fun, witty, and a survivor. After going though her life changing events in the first three novels I honestly feel as though we are friends. It made me happy to read about her in medical school and finally getting her happy ever after. This novel also adds the new element to her life in the way of a connection to her unknown father.
Of course we get to see all of our favorite characters, also know as Adam and Mia's friends and family. I am looking forward to hearing their stories (Heath, Kat, etc) and continuing their stories(Jenna &William, Jordan & April).
This novel gets five out of five from me and if I could have it would have gotten more. I look forward to many more novels in this series. As Brenna Aubrey is one of my favorite authors I will also tell people yes you must read these novels as they have a little bit of everything you need. They have humour, romance, heartache, witty and fun characters, and so much more. Impatiently awaiting the next installment in The Gamer series!

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