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My Timeout Book Blog

Feb 25, 2017

Reviews ~ Don't Speak by Katy Regnery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Carrie on behalf of My Timeout Book Blog

Another beautifully written story from Katy. Katy manages to capture her audience from the very first page to the last with a story of two people from two completely different society's who fall in love knowing it's forbidden.

Erik comes from money and want's for nothing. Laire born as raised on a small island where you work for your keep and are expected to marry an island boy. Till Laire meets Erik there from completely different worlds but they fall in love and help heal each other’s bruised hearts.

Laire being so sheltered her whole life shows in her personality but she’s completely open and honest which Erik finds amazing and attractive.

They fall fast and hard in a summer of romance, and friendship despite their secrets that could tear them apart. As their secrets come out Katy makes you stop and think of what true love is as the story gets even more meaningful.

Don’t Speak is beautifully written in a way that makes you really feel deeply for the characters and how they each have their story. Each turn of the page gives us something new and each new discovery pulses with excitement l have never felt so many raw emotions in one book. It truly makes you stop and think about what love is, and what you would do for it.

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