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Mar 3, 2017

Review ~ Dirty CEO by Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Received this ARC copy from the authors for an honest review. This review was completed for My Timeout Book Blog by Melissa.

Dirty CEO comes to us from the co-writing team of Mickey Miller and Holly Dodd. I have to say that I tend to stay away from co-writes as I have read a few in which really did not feel like the authors wrote well together. Well, That is the complete opposite for Mickey and Holly. Having read books by both authors before I found that it was completely impossible to figure out which author wrote what. If you had not known that it was co-written in my opinion you would never know.

I found that once I started to read I just did not want to put it down.

This is the story of two people who should not be together due to who their families are, even if it starts off as something just to bring those two worlds together. Kelly is the daughter of a higher up in the Irish Mob and is being trained to take over the family bar and money laundering business. While Vince is not only Italian Mafia but the head of it in Chicago (*I think I may have this wrong, please excuse me if I do). Having known each other when they were in high school, they come back together when Kelly returns from collage. With a war brewing between the two groups, Vince suggests that Holly pretends to be his girlfriend to try and calm situation. Only how long can the relationship stay fake when there is some intense attraction between the two. Read the book and find out for yourself.

I loved both the main characters of Kelly and Vince. There is so many thigs I could say to describe both of them but I will just say that they are the perfect match for one another. They bring out new characteristic and changes in each other. And sweet lord the heat between these two is intense. This book has some of the hottest scenes I have read in a while.

The only this that left me disappointed and a little upset that it was over. I honestly did not want it to end. I could read about these two forever. I can not wait to see where the next novel in this series is going to take us.

Five stars for Dirty CEO because that is the most I could give. You must read this book, it is a fantastic escape from your life into the world of Kelly and Vince. Keep the stories coming Holly and Mickey. You two make an outstanding team!

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