My Timeout Book Blog

My Timeout Book Blog

May 19, 2017

Review~ Trigger by J.L. Drake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reviewed by Gail

Trigger lived his life as an Outlaw biker and works at keeping his past demons out of his head.Beating someone till there's only blood left and selling drugs was his way of life. Tess has her own demons from her past and is on the run from them.Her best friend since childhood Brick is her savior .Brick convinces her to move to his world of the MC. Hired as a bartender for the club they wait to see if their world willscare her off and she will run.Tess only laughs it off,if they only knew her story. Trigger is interested in Tess but only to get her out of his club, he thinks she's a distraction they don't need,well really he dosen't need. Tess won't be told what she can and can't do. Two strong personalities and a sexual attraction will pull them together. It will be their past demons that pull them apart.

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