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My Timeout Book Blog

May 9, 2017

Review~ Up Too Close by Andrea K. Stein

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC received for an honest review and this novel was reviewed for My Timeout Book Blog by Melissa.

This is the second novel in the Love Overboard Series. It can be read as a stand alone as both CeCe and Rene are secondary characters in the first novel and anything about them that you would need to know to enjoy this novel is told to you. With that being said though I would suggest reading the first novel, as it is one heck of a story.

We set sails with CeCe and Rene on an old sail boat that you are no ever sure will make it to their final destination. On this journey we see so much more in CeCe then just the mistress and massage therapist she was in the first. I really enjoyed getting to know her more. As well as finding new depth to CeCe , we where able to watch Rene's character grown and change. He goes from being a womanizer to falling head over heels in love with CeCe even though he is never sure she will love him back.

We get to see Lindsay and Alton again and it is a nice tie in to the first novel. Also there are a number of appearances by the mysterious Mr. Manning (I need to know what this man is up to as well as his past!!!). This novel gives us a few new and colorful characters that you just want to know more about. Rene's grandmother is just about one of my favorites from this novel. We also get to meet CeCe's family with is an interesting encounter.

This was a four star read and one that I would suggest to anyone. The only thing that I found a little distracting was the amount of sailing/boating terms and references. Yes I know this was a book set on a boat. And while I enjoyed the setting and all of that there where a few times that I was thrown off by the terms. I can not wait to dive head on into the next novel!

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