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May 30, 2017

Reviews ~ Distraction By Emily Snow

Reviewed By
Elizabeth Gilbert

There is something creepy about a guy being so persistent about getting a date with you, but there is also something alluring. I really liked the relationship between the characters - how Jamie stood for no nonsense and surprised him when she understood Mateo's Spanish.

This is a lovely contemporary romance with 2 great characters. I thought there was going to be some more kink involved but it was pretty tame considering how we were introduced to the story!

Jamila or Jamie as we know her is a great feisty heroine - she isn't afraid to act or speak what she is thinking. This intrigues Mateo badly and he can't help but pursue Jamila, even though he
admits​ she shouldn't fall for him and this thing is just a distraction.

I liked Mateo - he acted the big tough guy who wants to be on his own to drown in sex parties and not love again.  However, it was very obvious that he was going to fall for Jamie but he didn't ever want to admit that to himself.

Twin A was a fun character to read about. Lucy was an ok character but we really didn't see much of the supporting cast as the story really did centre around the 2 main characters. I would've liked to have seen more of Bella's relationship with Jamie, Leo and the baby, even though she was a side line character, but she is important in Jamie's life.

The emotions of the book felt real enough but for me, not deep enough. However, we were introduced to Jamie as a stoic character and Mateo as a non-committal character.  The reasons behind both are explained as you read the book.

I am a fan of Emily Snow's works, have read many of her books and I look forward​ to reading many more!

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