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May 31, 2017

Reviews~ Sex Ed By ZB Heller

Reviewed By
Elizabeth Gilbert

So far very funny! Jaxson is a 23 year old comic book nerd, who secretly draws his own comic book but doesn't want to publish it as he is very scared of disappointment. He is also a virgin!  Jaxson is essentially "pushed out if the closet" one day by a family intervention consisting of his theatrical mother, father and 2 gay uncles. With all the pomp and ceremony, it was his sister who told him what the intervention was about! Very amusing. 

Jaxson is admitted to hospital one day due to a sex toy mishap and this is where he meets the gorgeous Tyler.

Tyler has recently moved to town to look after his nephew, Colton, after his brother’s (Colton’s father) death.  Tyler is the nurse in the ER who attends to Jaxson and soon, with the help of their families, their paths cross again.

This time, as Tyler enters Sunday lunch Jaxson's virgin status is announced and so begins the tale of Tyler and Jaxson's romance.

Jaxson is a very lovable character but he does need to boost his self confidence.  Tyler is a lovely caring character who is only 25, but guardian to his 13 year old, comic book loving nephew.

Sophie, Jaxson's​ twin, is very loud and crass. Sometimes I felt that she needed to calm down a lot.
Ethan is funny but needs to stop chasing Sophie, although the relationship is fun to watch.

The banana scene was ridiculous and a bit over bearing - I just can't imagine that happening in real life.

The humour throughout this book appealed to my sense of humour, but at times I felt it was too much and too in your face.

ZB definitely got the emotional tone correct for Jaxson and  Tyler - very real characters.  It was nice to see Jaxson develop and grow as a character - would've been nice for Sophie to mature a little and not to still be as crass.

A very funny book and even with Sophie’s crassness, I would read more of ZB Heller’s books in the future.

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