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Jun 30, 2017

Review~ Caden by Brie Paisley

Caden by Brie Paisley


I have found myself falling head along into the lives of the Harlow Brothers. However I did this on book two of the series. I was able to fall in love with this amazing group of brothers without reading the first book but believe me when I say book one is now on the top of my to read list. There are five Harlow brothers and I know that each of them has/will have a very interesting story. I found myself not being able to put this novel down. It intrigued me right from the start and held me till the end. I sat after reading the last page and thanked god that there were three more brothers so that I could get back into the story. Not just for the story of the others but also hopefully get to see Caden and Savannah again.

Savannah (Savvy) is a young woman in search of where she belongs in this world. She finds herself far from home, alone and wondering if she will ever find it. I found myself going though all the emotions that she does. When she was happy, excited and simply heart broken, I felt them all. Savvy was a very relatable character. When you read about her life and why she is searching you will wonder just how that news would effect you in the same situation. It was brave of her to pack up and leave everything in order to search for the answers she had been looking for her whole life. This search leads her to find Officer Caden Harlow. Well I have to say I may have fell head over heels for Caden right along with Savvy. Caden is determined, fun, witty, laded back, handsome ladies man of the family. His interactions with not only Savvy but with his brothers, parents and his long time friend Shelby are funny and witty most of the time. He falls hard fast when it comes to Savvy and will stop at nothing to prove to her that they are meant to be together. Everyone wants a Caden for themselves, well I do anyway.

This love story has such amazing chemistry between Savvy and Caden. Lord I wanted to slap that girl silly if she didn't give in to that man. It had everything that I look for in a love story. Characters that you can relation to and really enjoy, chemistry between the two main characters, not all drama and heartache, some comedy( this one had me laughing a good few times), a twist that hits you out of no where and writing that hooks you from the start. If you are looking for a good read with all those things then this is the novel for you. Ok so when is the next Harlow brother going to find his way into my kindle?

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