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My Timeout Book Blog

Jun 11, 2017

Review~ Ditry Talker by Piper Rayne

Review by Melissa

This novel was received as an advanced readers copy and a voluntary review is being left. This novel read and reviewed by Melissa for My timeout Book Blog.

This is the second novel in the Single Dads Club. I want to say that even though this is the second novel in the series you do not need to have read the first one to enjoy this. But I would say that you should go back and read Real Deal.

While I loved the first one and Marcus and Cat had the best story, I fell heads over heels for Dane and Ava. They have one heck of a story to tell. Ava takes over the small towns bakery after the summer ends and she finishes her job as a camp counselor. She is responsible, caring, feisty and can bake one heck of a cupcake. Dane on the other hand comes off as a goofy, fun loving, carefree single dad who is enjoying having no ties but those to his son and grill/bar. I have to say that I laughed with and at Dane in both the first novel and again here. He very quickly became my favorite dad from the Single Dads Club.

The chemistry between these to is undeniable. However, after two hook ups that we learned happened before this book takes place they try and keep their distance from one another. Ava being the daughter of a friend of Danes helps in keeping things cool. But even with so many things they just cant keep their hands off each other. However you will find out just how well secret friends with benefits work out for Ave and Dane.

If you enjoy a good rom com with lost of steamy scenes and a few twists that I certainly did not see coming then this is the novel for you. You ladies did it again its a nothing amazing novel. I can not wait to find out what the next single dad from the Single Dads Club has in store for me!

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