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Jun 7, 2017

Review ~ Feeble Connections By Meghana Sarathy

By Elizabeth Gilbert

I liked Gem, but wasn’t too keen on her at first as she appeared very conceited - very self aware of her attractiveness.  I personally don’t find that an endearing quality.

We meet Gem’s sister Gianna in the prologue and the dialogue seems to be very mature for a middle-high school student (no age was mentioned to help determine this issue).

Brandon appears as a lovable playboy - he knows he’s hot, he uses it to his advantage and the girls seem to fall for this charm.  With Gem he is a different character altogether; one may argue that it is because she was totally upfront about him not getting anyway near her and he didn’t bother to try.

The irony comes when Gem falls for Linden - he is very self obsessed and doesn’t appear to care much about others or Gem.  This may be a product of his background and we may be given some answers in books 1 and 2.  We do need to remember this is the prologue.

The real life situation of best friends becoming lover is great and the angst is there in spades.

There are a lot of grammatical errors and inconsistencies within the story line.  The story seems to jump a couple of years without alerting the reader.  The English is dialect English and not American English.  I am very familiar with the dialect English used as I live in Asia (same continent as the author, according to Google) and this very proper/olde English is what is used in this part of the world. However, when a story is set in America with American characters the correct English must be used from that part of the world, otherwise the story doesn’t read as well or appear true to life.

My review is a complete paradox; I really wanted to give this book a 4 or 5 star award, however, there were too many errors and inconsistencies for me to score it highly.  A thorough edit and a change of the type/dialect of English used is desperately needed. The premise of the book is great - it really does make me want to read books 1 and 2 to see who Gem ends up with.  It may be better if the set out of this book is in parts ie part 1 - first year at uni; part 2 second year; part 3 3rd year as the jumping from just knowing Brandon a month to 2 years later, without any notice, is very confusing and off-putting to the reader.

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