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My Timeout Book Blog

Jun 20, 2017

Review ~ Hyde's Absolution By Nina Levine


Reviewed By:
Romaine Heart

Wow!! Just wow!! Freakin mindblowing!! Better than SOA!!! Nina Levine continues to captivate you with this action packed series with so many twist and turns being woven as the story unfolds to an all out war against the Storm MC. 
Boy does Hyde have his hands full now. His sixteen-year-old daughter, Charlie, whom he has not seen in 14 years is back in his life. His ex-wife Tennille just left her abusive husband, Craig, and moved back in with Hyde. Hyde is also trying to start a relationship with Monroe, a feisty, filthy smart mouth strong-willed woman. And now his past has come back to haunt him in a dangerous way. 
King and his crew are still searching for the person who is set out to destroy Storm MC and their families. 
This book was so intense and played with my emotions as well as some mindblowing events. Nina Levine has created a masterpiece with this series!! I can't wait for her next two books to be released this year, King's Wrath and King's Reign. You will not regret reading her books!!!

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