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My Timeout Book Blog

Jun 1, 2017

Review ~ My Best Friend's Ex by Megan Quinn

Carrie's rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book I was laughing so hard right from the first page. I loved every minute of it. If your looking for a change than this will be a wonderful book to read It's just to good not to read.

This is a funny friends to lovers romance. If you have read Co-Wrecker you might notice that Tucker is Tucker had used to be with Sadie. I have read Co-Wrecker and found it to be quite funny and romantic and to see Tucker in his own element, especially after all the heart break he faced earlier in life.

Tucker starts off as a brooding man with little excitement for life. So when an old friend walks back in his life and ultimately needs a place to stay because she is being evicted, he agrees. But, neither expect that an old friendship can turn into a love. Of course, there are a few hurdles to jump over before they can be happy, but when it gets there... Your heart will soar! I loved this book and it is a must read!

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