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My Timeout Book Blog

Jun 10, 2017

Reviews ~ Day 31 By Kane Caldwell

Reviewed By 
Holly Connors

I devoured Day 31 by Kane Caldwell.  Right from the beginning this book had me completely hooked, not just with Callen and Noelle's developing relationship, but with everything going on around them.  It's a little classic in the sense that you have an experienced older man and an innocent young woman, but once they get to know each other and their lust reaches it's peak, there's nothing innocent about their relationship and it's hot!  But like I said, their relationship with each other isn't the only draw with this story.  As individual characters you are pulled in with Callen and Noelle and the events that bring them to the point in their lives where Callen is a patient in a mental rehab and Noelle is assigned to be his visitor.  The way this was written just keeps you anticipating what will come next.  All I thought was more, more, more!  And you don't even see the whole picture until the end of the book (you think you have it figured out but not completely!).  Kane Caldwell has a new fan and I absolutely cannot wait to read more by him

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