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My Timeout Book Blog

Jun 12, 2017

Reviews ~ Destiny By Faith Starr

Reviewed by Holly

Destiny by Faith Starr is an erotic romance between the owner of a BDSM club, Noah, who allows a psychology student, Jordin, access to his club to study the BDSM lifestyle.  As soon as the two meet it's instant chemistry and even though Noah hates the word, they begin to develop a relationship.  While Jordin and Noah's sex life with each other is fairly vanilla, Noah is able to get Jordin to open up more and see and approach sex in a new way.  He helps her be able to explore herself as a woman while learning himself what it is to love another person who isn't family.  The novel moves along at a really good pace and also has a couple of interesting story lines pertaining to other characters along the way.  There were only two issues I found with this novel.  First is that it was very jumpy in the sense that unless it was a sex scene the descriptions weren't very detailed.  Second, from the synopsis you expect this to be a book very into BDSM however there is very little of that in it.  However, overall it was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the in between of vanilla and BDSM romance.

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