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Jun 27, 2017

Reviews ~ Enlightenment Series By Joanna Chambers

Reviewed By:
Elizabeth Gilbert


Joanna Chambers

Background story is a little bit boring at 30% but as a reader you know something is going to crop up.

The awkwardness between David and Murdoch is palpable.  I like David however his sanctimonious attitude bugged me at times. Lord Murdoo sounded a proper stud!

Their relationship was based on love as Murdo was very sweet and spicy with David.

I enjoyed the story line - not all romance and sex but a bit a bit of action too!

Elizabeth Chalmers was a lovely character and would make a great wife to David but he was true to his kind and not leading her on - a true hero.

It was super nice to read about old Edinburgh.


Picks up 2 years after Provoked ends.
Sensitively written with the hidden angst of being gay in the 1800

Written sympathetically and yes, we like the hedonism of present times but the the guilt and reticence really make you feel you are living in the bygone era.

Murdoch is a gentle caring soul.

Loving this. The intrigue and mystery is great. Will it happen/won't it.


Starts 5 months after Provoked ends, with David organising an ongoing dispute over his land in Pethshire with a neighbour.

David has grown to accept his relationship with Murdo, even though he knows it will never go anywhere as Murdo insists on taking a wife. This, however, has not been mentioned by Murdo so far.

I loved how Murdo changed his tune and became totally devoted to David. Their relationship wasn't without issues but they matched so well.

A lovely, well written and time sensitive novel about two great characters who knew they were different and not accepted in their time. The descriptions of Edinburgh made me homesick!

I look forward to reading more from Joanna.

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