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Jun 26, 2017

Reviews ~ Manwhore Series By Apryl Baker

Reviewed By 
Holly Connors
Touch Me Not

Touch Me Not is book one in the Manwhore series and was such a good read.  It's your typical boy sees girl, boy wants to make girl his conquest, but girl is in love with her best friend who is engaged to someone else.   The twist with this is that Lily, our leading lady, has a touch phobia in that she can't handle having another person touch her, even her family.  Nikoli, the college campus manwhore, learns of Lily's unusual problem and uses it to his advantage in the form of a deal.  If he can help her get over her phobia so that she can try to win over her best friend's heart, then she will sleep with him.  If he loses, he has to give Lily his most prized possession, his car.  The two of these characters together just seemed really true in every sense.  They both have all of their cards laid out and have no secrets from each other, everything is completely upfront and real.  You learn of the tragedy that has lead Lily to not be able to touch anyone and it's so unexpected.  You can see that Nikoli, while a "connoisseur of women" as he likes to call himself, is actually an extremely caring, family oriented guy who is still carries the guilt of how his last relationship nearly destroyed him and his brother.  The journey that Lily and Nikoli bring each other on is funny, sad, angry, lustful and I can keep on going but I think you get the picture.  Their story was just so entertaining in every aspect.

The Sinner's Touch

The Sinner's Touch is book two in the Manwhore series and is darker than the first.  Kade is an FBI agent of the Behavioral Analysis Unit and is brought to Boston to track down a serial killer.  When the killer finally slips and leaves a witness, Kade goes to interview her only to find that it's his ex from years before, Angelique.  To say that these two have a very tumultuous past and breakup would be putting it mildly.  This story is a mixture of both Kade and Angelique's previous relationship and how both of them ended up in the current positions they are currently in their lives.  Angelique is now enrolled in college and working at a bar to put herself through school, and Kade became the walking definition of a manwhore.  Not only does Kade now have to protect Angelique and catch a serial killer, he has to come clean to her about what really happened in their past and find a way to make her stay.  This was an emotional story and kept you absorbed right from the start.  I'm really looking forward to another installation in the Manwhore series by Apryl Baker.

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