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My Timeout Book Blog

Jun 6, 2017

Reviews ~ Time To Learn By Karen Ferry

Reviewed By
Carrie Youngcourt
I really really loved this book it was by far was my favorite out of the series so far. 

When 2 broken people come together and help each other heal and put the pieces of there hearts back together again and learn to love again you can't but feel as if your on this journey with them. As you learn about Laura and Kristian's past you can't but fall in love with them feel there hurt and feel the love that they feel when they start to mend eachother!

With hot panting melting sex scenes that make your pulse jump and your temperature rise you also have moments were you are laughing so hard and other moments were your about to cry because your so happy for them!!!

I hope that Karen will give Ailith her own book I would love to see her all grown up and find love of her own!

Thank you for writing a book that so many people need to read, to know that you can find love after being broken.

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