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Jun 16, 2017

Reviews ~ Unraveled By Bethany Kris

Reviewed By Elizabeth Gilbert

We meet Cara when she is deep in mourning after losing her twin sister, who was shot dead. Cara's family are part of a 'famiglia' within the Chicago mafia. Cara lives and studies in Toronto and has been solely existing, until she meets Gian Guzzi.

Gian is a gorgeous looking man who is a player.  We meet him when he bumps into Cara, who is on a rare night out.  He also knows how he affects women.  They have a great night together and Cara only mentions it's for fun.

However, for both of them it turns into love, but Gian is hiding a big secret.

I really liked the characters Gian and Cara - they are believable. Cara is strong willed and feisty at times and Gian likes this. He is also very romantic - reading 'Les Miserables' to Cara in French. He seeks to treat Cara well and honestly does love her.

As Gian's love grows for Cara, so is his reach for the top of the tree within the 'famiglia', even though he is still harbouring a secret.

This is a well written book with intrigue as well as love - it's not all sex - we learn about the workings within the 'famiglia'.  I think Bethany-Kris was spot on with the dynamics of the Hero and heroine and the supporting characters of Chris and Dom.

A lovely little twist towards the end. Cara is one strong, determined lady who really does stick to her guns.

Well done Bethany-Kris, I look forward to reading book 2.

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