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My Timeout Book Blog

Jul 18, 2017

Reviews ~ Broken Puppet By Amo Jones

Reviewed By:
Carrie Youngcourt

It took me a good week to figure out what I wanted to say about this book and all I can say is holly hell that was one hell of a book! I couldn't put it down, I basically ignored my daily chores and my husband because I was so wrapped up in this book!

Madison uncovered the dark secrets of the Elite Kings and she's right smack dab in the middle of it. 
Madison is "The Silver Swan she is what they would call tarnished. Every girl that is born into the order is frowned upon and must be discarded.

Madison thought by uncovering the secrets she so longs to find out would help her but really it only put her in more danger. She doesn't know who she can trust and even questions her own sanity.

The more secrets that surface, the more questions get asked and the danger that the game is not really a game but a hidden secret order. 

I wanted more answers, and just when I thought it was all going to come out and finally be reviled Amo tightens that lid back down and leaves you wanting more! 

Dam you to hell for leaving me with more questions and a major book hangover!

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