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Jul 19, 2017

Reviews ~ Lukas (This Is Our Life #4) By F.G. Adams

Reviewed By:
Romaine Heart

Lukas (This is Our Life #4) by F.G. Adams
Lukas and Sage had met at a bar and spent a beautiful night of passion. When on a mission, Lukas and his team of comrades encountered the enemy and his leg was blown to bits. A broken man with a prosthetic leg, fighting demons. Sage was helping Lukas with his healing. Then with the flip of a switch, she left him with no explanation at the most crucial time when he needed her most. Will Lukas ever forgive her?
Sage is a doctor and a very intelligent and fiesty woman. She has secrets of her childhood and of a man named Malik. Depression hits Lukas hard, half a man with a broken heart seeing his existence doesn't matter. Who will save him from pulling the trigger? Now Sage has a stalker who breaks into her home and office painting death threats on the walls. Grandma was so delightful. Outspoken and loving. The heart of everyone.
I'm volunteering an honest review for an advance reader's copy.
This beautifully written story of a man struggling to become whole again after a tragic accident and his undying love for a stubborn woman. I loved the alpha male in him, Hulk/Jolly Green. I would recommend this book.

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