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Jul 29, 2017

Reviews ~ One Taste Of Crazy By Amanda Siegrst

Reviewed By:
Romaine Hart

One Taste of Crazy by Amanda Siegrist

Dee is one feisty, loud and sassy woman and a man-hater. She is very protective of her friends as well as her heart. She's a love'm leave' m type of woman that will walk away from a relationship before she gets hurt.
Detective Sauer is a quiet and shy man around others, but put him in front of a criminal and he will show you straight up who's the boss. Being bullied in school and considered a geek, he has a few self esteem problems. When Sauer asks Dee out, he blushes and stumbles on his words. She thinks he's adorable, which confuses him.

When Dee is the victim of an attacked, Sauer finds the only way to calm her is to kiss her. Both fight their internal battles that threatens their relationship. Who is behind the attacks on Dee and other women?
Newman banter

One Taste of Crazy will captivate you from the beginning with its twists and turns of murder, suspense and mystery. The banter between all the characters is off the charts. I loved this book. I would definitely recommend this book.
I'm volunteering an honest review for an advance reader's copy.

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