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My Timeout Book Blog

Jul 20, 2017

Reviews ~ Weighted Issues By MM Wheeler

Reviewed By:
Romaine Heart

We are all aware of how children can be cruel when we are in high school. It leaves a lot of emotional scars and lack of self-esteem as well as being bullied, but when your parents also ignore you due to your weight issues, this can be devastating and heartbreaking to a child at any age. Jasmine lived this scenario and was raised by her nanny, Angelina, while her parents traveled the world. Jasmine had a crush on Mark for many years. When she met up with him at a senior school party, he offered to take her home. This would be a nightmare she wouldn't ever forget. Paid?
When her father agreed to allow her to move away from home at eighteen, so she would be 'out of their hair', she was thankful and was more than ready to move forward with her life. Jasmine confided in a friend online about her devasting past. Her friend, Harlow, made a suggestion of how she could lose the weight and Jasmine followed through. Even after losing the weight, Jasmine still lacked self esteem. Harlow encouraged Jasmine to dress up and meet her at a bar. There Jasmine met Jake and sparks began to fly. Would this night be better than the last time?
Weighted Issues captivated me from the beginning and sent me an an emotional rollercoaster ride with its twists and turns of suspense, lies and deceit. A young woman finding the strength and courage to overcome her insecurities with the help of a loving man even when she was on the threshold of death. I loved all the characters. The author has written an amazing story that will touch your heart. You will need your tissues. I would definitely recommend this book.
Jake was a hot, sexy cop who was enthralled with Jasmine even after learning her secrets. He became very protective of her. Will his past cost him his relationship with Jasmine as it did with Bianca? When Jasmine's past came back to haunt her, her relationship with Jake started to spiral downward and out of control. Would her past endanger her life?
I'm volunteering an honest review for an advance reader's copy.

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